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The Freak Felts Kit

Freak Felts Sticker.png

The Freaky Felts kit was the first in a series of needle free felty fun kits, therefore suitable for younger crafters.  It comes with wooden peg dolls, felt and accessories (small parts unsuitable for very young children), a template and a fun felt-a-long video tutorial with classic Halloween songs to craft to.
And as with all out kits they are crafty-tastic with NO plastic!

As there are no current plans to release any more at present, here is the link to both the tutorials & template to have some fun at home with. The photo below shows the materials needed for the projects but improvising is always encouraged!

Wooden peg dolls and flat felt, glue stick and gummy glue, scissors, some wire, pipe cleaner in black, small stick, some eyes and wool for hair.

Materials For Freaky Felts.jpg
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