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Moon Gazing Hare Tutorial

Full video tutorial, with a clear step by step process on how to make a magical moon gazing hare.  A perfect intermediate level project!

Needle felted Hare Sticker.png

What you will need:

A large/medium/small felting needle. (Sizes 32/36/38).

A needle felting pad/sponge.

15grams light brown/tan wool batting.

2 grams mid brown wool batting.

1 gram dark brown batting.

5 grams light grey wool batting

10 grams of mixed blues of choice (I use mid blue, turquoise and sparkly wool)

60cm silver wire (I use armature wire).

18cm very thin decorative wire (optional).

Pair glass eyes 6mm.


Tools needed:

Glue (glue gun or bostik)

Sharp scissors.

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