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Autumn Makes Tutorial

Full video tutorial, with a clear step by step process on how to make a whole bunch of gorgeous autumn felted decorations.  A perfect beginners level project!

Needle felted autumn.JPG

What you will need:

75g Core wool to make large and medium punpkins

Mix of autumn colours to make:

Acorns; Leaves; Toastools; Pumkins.

Suggest light brown/tan for acrons

Browns, yellow and green for leave (dark brown for details)

White and Red for toadstools

Oranges, brown, yellow & greys for pumpkins (brown for stalks)

2 x green florrest wires to make pumpkin tendrils

2 x pipe cleaners to make (x 2) toadstools

Acorn caps (as many as you like)

Tools needed:

Set of needles (32.36.38)

Felting pad/sponge

Sharp scissors


Wire cutters

And  hot cuppa to enjoy with your project :)

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