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Felted Seaside Painting Tutorial

Full video tutorial, with a clear step by step process on how to make a gorgeous seaside painting, with cute huts & other details.  A perfect intermediate level project!


What you will need:

Flat felt white A4 size cut in half.

1 half for the painting and other half for the huts.

Various colours of the painting:

1-2g Light brown/sand colour for sand.

1-2g Mid blue for sea.

1-2g Light blue for sky.

Other smaller amounts for details:

White; Yellow; Red; Green; Black; Grey.

Optional: Blue locks for wave details.


Tools needed:

A large/medium/small felting needle. (Sizes 32/36/38).

A punch tool.

A needle felting pad/sponge.

Sharp scissors.

(Optional drift wood and natural string to hang).

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