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Highland Cow Tutorial

Full video tutorial, with a clear step by step process on how to make an adorable highland cow.  A perfect intermediate level project!

Needle felted highland cow.jpg

What you will need:

A large/medium/small felting needle. (Sizes 32/36/38).

A needle felting pad/sponge.

12grams rust coloured carded wool sliver.

2g light tan coloured carded wool.

Small pinch (less than 1gram) dark brown carded wool.

7grams rust coloured locks.

Pair glass eyes 4mm.

Armature wire 1.22mm thick, cut into length; 35cm, 20cm, 8cm.


Tools needed:

Sharp scissors.

Glue (glue gun or Bostik glue).

Glue stick (eg. Prit Stick)

Wire cutters.

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