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Autumn Wreath Tutorial

Full video tutorial, with a clear step by step process on how to make this gorgeous autumn wreath with miniature pumpkins.  A perfect beginner or intermediate level project!

Felted Autumn Wreath_edited.jpg

What you will need:

A large/medium/small felting needle. (Sizes 32/36/38).

A needle felting pad/sponge.

A small, natural wreath.

Length of burlap ribbon to hang.

5 x acorn caps to decorate.

Star anise to decorate.

Green florist wire to decorate.

Various autumn colours of wools in 2 grams.

Greens, browns, greys, reds, oranges.

Tools needed:

Sharp scissors.

Glue (glue gun or Bostik glue).

Wire cutters.

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