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Little Blue Animations

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About Little Blue Animations

​'Little Blue Animations' is an animation workshop run by 'Little Blue Artworks' and is set up to teach traditional stop motion animation. It's a fun, creative and and sociable way to learn new skills and caters for ages 8 years upwards. The classes began running in Aberdeen with the ACT Aberdeen Summer/Spring/Autumn Carnivals in 2009. They have also run through The Reading Bus & worked within schools to teach animation alongside current classroom topics.

They are available for complete beginners as well as those with some experience to come and have fun making short animations within small groups.


Work is mainly done using laptops with Hue Animation Software and Hue web cameras. Various other pieces of equipment are used and adapted according to class size and progress. We also have digital cameras, tripods, a copy stand with lighting and various figures for animating. Large sets, which can be changed and adapted for each project, have been made especially for the classes so that the students can learn the basics of stop motion on magnetic boards, through to creating their own set design, both in 2D and 3D environments.

A large selection of creative materials is made available for them to create their sets and characters such as paper, card, foam board, scissors, colour pens & modelling clay.



​The process of producing an animation is extremely rich in creative activity from story telling, set design, character design, music, sound effects and editing. It's quite amazing to watch how even the youngest students can become absorbed in the process and the sense of achievement in their finished animations is always a great boost to confidence in their own abilities and ideas. The computers are set up with software and webcams to record photographs of the characters and sets directly into the software.  The groups then work together to both animate the objects, sets and record and edit the images. The images are then tied together within the software and audio time-lines allow for both music and sound effect or vocals to be added. Students don't have to be particularly artistic to create the animations but for those who do enjoy art, this could be a way to take your creations onto another level  and quite literally bring them to life.

We do ask, however, that children are prepared to collaborate and work in pairs or small groups and treat equipment with care and respect at all times.

All finished animations will be uploaded to the Little Blue Animations YouTube channel so they can all share their masterpieces with friends and family. Link here:

​Little Blue Animations YouTube Channel


Classes started in Ellon, Aberdeenshire in the October holidays 2017
and after a successful week of workshops, ran again in the spring holidays 2018.
This has been a great venture and looks hopeful to continue over the school holidays.


Little Blue Animations started Saturday morning club in Spring term time 2018 and held at the gorgeous studio at Cookston Crafts just outside Ellon. The Sat morning classes are currently under review but stay tuned for up and coming workshops in 2019.


Below are just a few of the many animations created during the animation workshops. Please click on the titles below to see some of them. More available to watch the Little Blue Animations YouTube channel Here!


"The News" features a collection of animations created by different small groups in the class of 2016. They had to come up with their own stories and weather report.

Screen Shot 2017-07-30 at 20.28.31.png

"The Witching Hour" is a large group animation inspired by halloween during the October Arts Carnival 2012. All the sound effects (bar the bell) are made entirely by the children.

Screen Shot 2017-07-30 at 20.42.22.png

"CatAstrophy" is a small group animation, where they created a comedy sketch about an old lady who regularly forgets to feed her cat.
"Mr Whiskers" the cat then proceeds to try and get to his food in various ways.

Cavern Creatures is a fab short but perfectly timed animation by a group in the spring workshop 2018.

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