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"Crafting  a wonderland"

Nicky Cairney is an artist based in Aberdeenshire, Scotland. In 2011 she graduated with a first class honors degree in Visual Communication from Gray's School of Art in Aberdeen. She has worked in various mediums over the years such as paper cut illuminated artworks, miniature fairy hut sculptures, illustrations and stop motion animation, which she also began to teach from 2009.


Little Blue Owl, (the character in her logo), was born in 2012 after deciding to write, illustrate & publish a children's book to her baby daughter. This character has remained her logo since self publishing "Little Blue" in 2014, when she began to build a following selling her prints, cards and books online and in craft markets.


In 2018, she started teaching felting workshops and making kits as a way of training others how to craft their own fuzzy little sculptures and work within the therapeutic nature of needle felting. This has now become  her main practice as she continues to spread the art of fiber crafts to others and focuses all her products to better the creative world with plastic free kits and natural materials.


All her work has been influenced by her love of childhood curiosity and natural elements that inspire imagination and fantasy. If one of yours is to be surrounded by enchanted lights, timeworn letters and charmed by fuzzy little woodland creatures, then welcome to her delightful world of arts, crafts and creative wonderlands.

Come join in the felting fun with Little Blue Artworks where we have an adorable range of needle felting kits, supplies, workshops and tutorials.
With quality, hand made materials we will always be crafty-tactic with no plastic!
Little Blue Artworks is owned by award winning artist Nicky Cairney who has a passion for teaching
needle felting workshops, making eco-friendly kits, humorous 'felty' cards, hilarious animations and bringing  joy to all those who she encourages to join her on her woolly adventures.


'John Muir Award' from Yosemite Film Festival USA for music video 'Ella' by RTFM's artist Artemis 2011.


Winner of Art Of Nurture 'Peoples Choice Award' and the National Finals 2011 for photo/illustration of owl book sculpture 'The Watcher'.


Winner of Art Of Nurture Regional finals for 'Light of the Sunflower' (2009) & 'The Watcher' (2011).


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